Armenian Exemption Exam 


The Western Armenian Exemption Examination evaluates the advanced language skills of students with strong prior training in Armenian. The examination’s result may be used to satisfy the Language Other Than English General Education Requirement (Category VI) and a portion of the International/Global Issues General Education Requirement (Category VIII).

Successful completion of the Western Armenian Exemption Examination will result in a notation on the student’s record that the student has shown competence beyond the second year level of Armenian. Students who do not pass the examination will receive a recommendation for their course level in Armenian.

Please note that the Western Armenian Exemption Examination is not a placement test. Students with minimal training in the language should take the Western Armenian Placement Test to be placed into an appropriate course. Students with no prior experience with Armenian and students with heritage speaking background only should enroll in Armenian 1A.

The exemption examination is 90-minute, written examination, which tests students’ skills in reading composition, grammar, composition, and rhetoric. To review for the examination students may consult the following textbooks.

Haroutiun Kurkijian, Practical Textbook of Western Armenian (any edition)

Dora Sakayan, Western Armenian for the English-Speaking World (2012)

The highest proficiency level attainable at UCI by taking the Armenian Exemption exam is beyond 2C.

This test may be taken only once. No University credit is given. There is no fee to take the 90 minute test if you are a UCI student. 


Contact the Academic Testing Center for scheduling and registration for the exam. You must present two government issued photo ID's at the time of registration.

If you need further information on language testing, please e-mail the Academic Testing Center at testcenter@uci.edu or call our office at (949) 824-6207 or contact your academic counseling office.

To find out more about the Armenian Studies Program at UCI, please visit our website: https://www.humanities.uci.edu/armenianstudies.