Persian Placement Test

1. What is the purpose of the Persian Placement Test?

The purpose of the Persian Placement Test is to assess your preparation for course work in Persian at UCI. Students will be placed into one of the following courses: Persian 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B or 2C. You may also be asked to complete an oral interview before you receive a final placement for Persian. See what UC Irvine students really have to say about their experience taking Persian here!

2. Who needs to take courses in Persian?

Language learning is an integral part of a university education and learning another language is a worthwhile endeavor for any student, whether that language is ones heritage language or a completely new language. The acquisition of a second or even third language increases ones global literacy and helps to foster a greater appreciation of diversity. In our rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world, students with language skills in more than one language will be able to engage their world in more meaningful and productive ways.

Successful completion of lower-division course work (or the equivalent) in Persian through the 2C level may be used to satisfy the foreign language requirement in the School of Humanities. Completion of Persian course work through the 1C level may also be used to satisfy UCI's Language Other Than English (Category VI) General Education requirement. Students majoring in International Studies must satisfy Language Other Than English requirements through the 2C level. Please consult your academic advisor if you have questions about these requirements.  

3. How can I enroll in a Persian course?

You must complete the following steps to enroll in a Persian course at UCI:

    • Complete a Student Language Background Survey available on the Programs in Global Languages and Communication web site.
    • Take the placement test, if required.
    • You will be contacted by a faculty member, if an interview is required.
    • After you have taken the placement test and have had an interview (if required), the director of the Program in Global Languages and Communication will contact you to discuss your placement and enrollment authorization.

4. What should I study before the examination?

You should review both vocabulary and grammar: tenses; singular and plural forms; comparative adjectives; the direct object "ra"; prepositions; relative pronouns; synonyms and antonyms. You should practice: exchanging common greetings; telling time; talking about weather, family, and friends; talking about your likes and dislikes; stating your opinion. You should also be able to understand some idiomatic expressions, answer questions regarding a reading passage, and answer listening and comprehension questions.  

5. How can I prepare for the examination?

Reviewing newspapers and books, as well as listening to fluent speakers can help prepare you for the test. 

In addition, the following texts are an excellent review of the fundamentals of Persian:

Marashi, Mehdi (2007). Proficiency in Persian, Book 1. Persian Language Resources.

Marashi, Mehdi (2005). Proficiency in Persian, Book 2. Persian Language Resources.

Purnamdarian, Taqi (2005). Persian for Foreigners (An Elementary Course). Institute for Language and Cultural Studies.

Thackston, W.M. (2009). An Introduction to Persian. 4th edition. IBEX Publishers.

6. How long is the test?

The Persian placement test is 75 minutes and has 53 multiple-choice questions consisting of grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension multiple choice questions plus a written section, poetry and some morphological sentence analysis.

7. How long are the results valid?

The results are valid for your entire academic career at UCI. You may take the test only one time. Please be advised that if you take the test more often than allowed, your new results will not be reported.

8. Is test registration required?

Yes. Test registration is always required. You may register by contacting the Academic Testing Center at 949-824-6207 or testcenter@uci.edu. You may also register in person at the Academic Testing Center, 3040 Anteater Instruction and Research Building.

9. Do I need an I.D. to take a placement test?

Yes. You will need two forms of valid photo I.D. Examples of valid photo I.D. are: a UCI, other university, or high school I.D.; a photo-bearing driver's license; a state-issued identification card with photo; a valid passport; or any government-issued identification bearing a photo.

Sample Items:

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If you need further information, please contact the AcademicTesting Center at testcenter@uci.edu or call our office at (949) 824-6207 or contact your academic counseling office.