Spanish Online Exam Descriptions


Two types of Spanish placement tests are availabe for the academic year. Please note, each exam can only be taken once.The first test (Test A), designed for students learning Spanish as a second language or who are heritage speakers with limited communication experience.

The second test (Test B) is designed for heritage speakers who have active communication ability in Spanish. 

Each multiple choice exam Requires the use of a Respondus LockDown Browser and a webcam. Exams cannot be completed without these items.

Description for Test A for Spanish placement:

Spanish Placement Test A (Part 1): Listening Comprehension (30 minutes recommended) The Listening portion of the placement test is designed to measure your ability to understand spoken Spanish.

Spanish Placement Test (Part 2): Grammar and Reading Comprehension (60 minutes recommended) This is a test of grammar and reading comprehension. There is only one correct answer for each question. There is no penalty for guessing. You have a TOTAL 90 minutes to complete the exam in its entirety.


Description for Test B for Spanish placement:

You have 60 minutes to complete the Spanish B multiple choice placement exam. You should take this exam only if you are a Heritage Speaker. Results for this exam will place you accordingly in classes designed for Heritage Speakers. Take this exam only if the following describes you;

• You grew up speaking Spanish at home and in your community since childhood;

• You use Spanish in your Spanish classes at school and/or with family members or individuals who cannot speak English;

• You have parents or caregivers who speak Spanish and you converse with them in Spanish;

• You understand Spanish very well and you can have a conversation, to some extent, entirely in Spanish. You can also read and write in Spanish to a certain extent.