2021 Writing Placement Process

Greetings from UCI Writing! 

 This summer we will determine your starting point in required UCI writing courses, and this message is designed to help you begin that placement process. You need to get your writing placement before registering for Fall classes at orientation. 

 Writing placement takes into account scores such as AP, SAT, and ACT. For the full list click here. Be sure to officially submit any qualifying scores to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by July 15. 

 If you do not have any of these qualifying scores, you will instead go through a mandatory 2-hour online placement process that asks you to read, write, and fill out a survey about your writing and literacy experiences. The assessment will be available June 11-20. In the first week of June, you will receive an email that gives you a link to the testing site, along with directions. You can preview the assessment here. Please note, if you are waiting for a qualifying score from recent AP or other exams, you should still proceed with the UCI writing assessment. 

 For questions about the writing placement process, please send an email to writingplacement@uci.edu. 

 Best wishes, 

UCI Writing Faculty