Russian Exemption Exam


The Russian Exemption Test is offered to students as an alternative means for satisfying the Language Other Than English (Category VI) and the International/Global Issues (Category VIII) General Education requirements. You should take this test if you have a strong background in Russian and not interested in taking additional course work.

This test is not a placement test. If you want to enroll in a Russian language course at UCI, you must take the Russian placement test. Please consult the information on this website about the Russian placement test and how to register for it.

The Russian exemption test is given during the academic year (except summer).

This test may be taken only once. No University credit is given. There is no fee to take the test if you are a UCI student. You must present two two valid forms of photo ID when you take the test.


The test takes two hours to complete. The test consists of five sections:

Listening comprehension;

Vocabulary and grammar;

Reading comprehension;


An oral interview will be required after you complete the written test. A faculty member in the Russian program will contact you to set up the oral interview.


For basic grammar and vocabulary review you may consult the following textbooks used in first-year and second-year language classes at UCI:

Kudyma, Anna, Frank J. Miller, and Olga Kagan. Beginner's Russian with Interactive Online Workbook: A Basic Russian Course. New York: Hippocrene Books, 2010.

Kagan, Olga, and Frank J. Miller. Puti: Russian Grammar in Context . Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall, 2007.

You should also review your Russian writing and speaking skills.


You may register in person at the Academic Testing Center or by phoning our office (949-824-6207) during regular business hours.

Notification of Results

Results will be available during Finals Week in the Academic Testing Center, 3040 Anteater Instruction and Research Building. If you pass the test, notification will be sent to your academic unit where the results will be placed in your academic file.


If you need further information on language breadth testing, please e-mail the AcademicTesting Center at testcenter@uci.edu or call our office at (949) 824-6207 or contact your academic counseling office.