Other Tests

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Graduate, Professional, and Oral English Exam

The Academic Testing Center does not administer placement or proficiency tests at the graduate level. Please select one of the below categories for more information about these tests.


The Test of Oral English Proficiency (TOEP) is a speaking exam administered by the Program in Global Languages & Communication at UCI. TOEP is a video-recorded exam designed specifically for the purpose of assessing graduate students’ communication skills in English in order to determine their eligibility for teaching assistant (TA) appointments.


The SPEAK test is the institutional version of the Test of Spoken English (TSE). It is an oral test approximately 20 minutes in length. The SPEAK test is being offered as an alternative to the TSE for purposes of establishing eligibility for Teaching Assistant appointments for admitted applicants whose primary language is not English.

Graduate Info

Graduate and Professional School Entrance Examination
GRE- Graduate Record Exam (800) GRE-CALL www.gre.org
TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language (800) GO-TOEFL www.toefl.org
TSE – Test of Spoken English (609) 771-7100 www.ets.org/
GMAT- Graduate Management Admission (800) 717-GMAT www.mba.com/us
Miller Analogies Test -MAT (800) 221-8378 www.milleranalogies.com
LSAT- The Law School Admission Test (215) 968-1001 www.lsac.org
MCAT-Medical College Admission Test (202) 828-0690 www.aamc.org/
DAT- Dental Admission Test (800) 232-1694 www.ada.org/en/
OAT- Optometry Admissions Test (800) 262-5080 www.opted.org/
CBEST- California Basic Educational Skills Test (800) 262-5080 www.cbest.nesinc.com

Music Placement Tests

Placement tests in the Department of Music are required of all incoming transfer Music majors who have already studied music theory, musicianship, and history at the college level. Incoming freshmen with advanced training in music theory and musicianship are encouraged to take the placement exam for theory/musicianship.

For information about the music placement tests or the Welcome Week testing schedule, please contact the Department of Music at (949) 824-6646, or visit the office in 303 Music Media (#726 on the campus map).

Dance Placement Auditions

Dance placement auditions are required for all incoming Dance majors and for students planning to register for other than beginning courses in ballet, jazz, or modern dance. Auditions are held during Welcome Week only. Please call the Arts Student Affairs Office at (949) 824-6646 or come to 101 Mesa Arts Building (#58 on the campus) after September 1 for the time and location of auditions. For more information on the audition itself, contact the Dance Office at (949) 824-7283 after September 1.

Online Mathematics Diagnostic Test

The California Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project offers an online test to help you evaluate your preparation for a university-level precalculus course.

This is a non-binding test to be used by you for diagnostic purposes. There are no specific cutoff scores provided but very low to modest scores indicate the importance of reviewing the related math topics before enrolling in your first math class at UCI.

The best way to use this test is to follow the instructions carefully. This includes taking no more than one hour to complete the test and avoiding use of a calculator, which will give you the truest evaluation of your current proficiency. Please read the test instructions carefully before proceeding and make sure that you have one quiet hour to spend taking the test.

For the greatest benefit to you, take this test as early in summer as possible. This will allow you to take some time to review the topic areas in which you didn’t perform as well, then to retake this online test for a progress report. Solid preparation in prerequisite math courses such as geometry and algebra are invaluable for doing well in later courses such as trigonometry, statistics, and calculus.