Italian Exemption Exam

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The examination used for Italian is the Brigham Young University Foreign Language Achievement test. It covers listening and reading comprehension. The exam is approximately two and one-half hours. The highest proficiency level attainable at UCI by taking the Italian exam is 2A.

If you are an International Studies major, this exemption exam cannot satisfy the 2B level foreign language requirement.

This test may be taken only once. No University credit is given. There is a refundable registration fee if you are a UCI student, read below.


The test will be administered during the academic year only. Registration, required to take the test, will be open during the second week of each quarter. To register, report in person with your UCI photo ID card to the Academic Testing Center, 3040 Anteater Instruction and Research Building. For UCI students, the refundable registation fee for this exam is $60, payable by check or cash.

Notification of Results

Results will not be available by telephone. A paper copy of test results will be available during Finals Week in the Academic Testing Center. Presentation of a UCI photo ID is a requirement. Notification will be sent to each student’s academic unit. However, the results will not appear on the student’s transcript.  


If you need further information on language breadth testing, please e-mail the AcademicTesting Center at or call our office at (949) 824-6207 or contact your academic counseling office.

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