Academic Honesty Policy

Students are expected to act in a manner consistent with the academic honesty standards set forth by the UCI Academic Senate and Office of the President.


Students taking tests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with academic honesty standards adopted by the UCI Academic Senate and the Office of the President, click here for the Academic Senate Policy. Academic dishonesty is inappropriate and unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated during placement tests, exemption exams, or in any academic activity at UCI. Academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. Copying from another person’s test or sharing your own work with another examinee
  2. Offering another person’s work as your own, such as having your test taken by someone else
  3. Taking a test for another person
  4. Possessing or using unauthorized materials, prepared notes, or answer keys during a test
  5. Stealing or attempting to steal a test booklet or answer key or leaving the room with scrap paper

Instances of cheating will result in a letter describing the incident being sent to the Associate Deans of your academic unit and of the department that provides the test. This letter will then become part of your permanent file.

Students may be dismissed from the testing room or may have their scores cancelled if they fail to follow any of the testing instructions given by the test proctors or those outlined below:

  1. Keep your eyes on your own work; do not let your eyes wander to the work of other students; do not shield your eyes from the test proctors with your hands, dark glasses, hats, long hair, etc.
  2. Allow no one else to look at your work.
  3. Remain quiet throughout the exam. Whispering, talking, writing, or any other form of communication with other students during an exam is never appropriate.
  4. Keep all personal items such as backpacks and books on the floor, under your chair.
  5. Remain in your chair until you finish the exam unless you have permission from a proctor to leave the room.
  6. Use only materials approved by the test administrators during the exam.
  7. All testing materials should remain on your desk throughout the examination.
  8. Stop all work when time has been called.
  9. Turn in all examination materials (exam, scantron, scrap paper) before leaving the room.