Welcome to the Academic Testing Center!

The UCI Academic Testing Center (ATC) is home to the Placement Testing Program, Language Exemption Testing Program, Distance Testing Program, and many other resources for the UCI community.

The ATC’s primary mission is to ensure that new and continuing students are accurately placed in selected introductory courses and to make sure that students get the best start possible for their academic careers.

UCI faculty also benefit from the ATC’s proctoring and scanning services*.

The general community can take advantage of the ATC’s services through its Learning Distance Program for students who require proctored testing from institutions outside of UCI.

* Effective July 1, 2024, the Academic Testing Center will be discontinuing all Scantron scanning services.

In preparation of this action, the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI) is available for consultation and will be hosting multiple workshops on Exam Digitization and Grading.  You can find even more resources about digitizing course assignments and exams here.  DTEI also hosts a workshop series to address how to deliver and grade exams without a dependency on using paper-only formats. For more information, please see DTEI’s page on Workshops for Digital Learning Excellence.


Placement Testing

The ATC offers placement tests for various languages and general introductory course sequences. These exams are designed to place students in the courses that allow for the most advantageous growth. Click below to learn which placement tests the ATC offers and to find out which tests you should take.

Language Exemption

Students who speak a language other than English may satisfy UCI Category VI (Language Other Than English) and Category VIII (International/Global Issues)  General Education requirements through Language Exemption testing. Click below to see which Language Exemption tests the ATC offers.

ICS Credit By Exam

The ICS Credit By Exam testing program enables students to earn course credit by demonstrating their understanding of ICS course material. Students can test for credit in ICS 31, 45C, and 45J courses. Please note that restrictions apply. Click below to learn more about the Credit By Exam program.

Learning distance program

The ATC serves the public as a member of the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC). Individuals enrolled in a distance learning course, applying for certification or license renewal, or taking an aptitude test can use the ATC’s testing services for a fee. Click below to learn more about our Learning Distance services.

Zoom Proctoring

For Faculty only. Campus-based remote exam proctoring for courses with special requirements. Learn more about this service below. Click below to learn more about our Zoom proctoring services.

Scanning Services

For faculty only.

The Academic Testing Center will be discontinuing all Scantron scanning services effective July 1, 2024.

ATC Schedule

See what placement tests are offered this quarter.