The Freshman Guide

Welcome new UCI student! Please read the information below to learn more about the ATC, and how to register for placement and exemption exams. 

Welcome to UCI! 

Welcome to UCI! The Academic Testing Center, under the umbrella of the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, offers a variety of resources and services to help you make the most of your testing experience this summer. We wish you much success and hope this is a year of growth and accomplishments for you.

This reference guide is designed to provide essential information and assisting with the questions you may have about the placement testing process. We encourage you to read the entire guide – it will save time and trouble later on. Here you will find the most current updates to the policies and procedures.

Which Test(s) to take?

You are encouraged to consult with your academic counselor if you don’t know which test(s) (if any) you need to take. You may then refer to the test descriptions found on the Placement Testing Program page of the site for a detailed description of each test and sample test items. Depending on how you intend to fulfill your general education requirements, you may want to take other placement tests. General education requirements are described in the UCI General Catalogue and must be completed in order to graduate.

When Are Placement Tests Given?

Placement tests will be offered on the dates listed on the Summer tests schedule (June through September).  

Do I Have to Travel to UCI For Placement Tests? I live Out of the Area.

Most of our exams are administered through Canvas. For individual exam availability please see the exam pages or email our office if you have any additional questions.

Why Do You Have to Activate Your UCInetID?

A UCInetID is a 3 to 8 letter code based on your name that uniquely identifies you at UCI. UCInetIDs are used to authorize you, as a UCI affiliate, to gain access to UCI electronic services. These services include establishing your official UCI e-mail account accessing your test results and enrolling in classes. UCInetIDs are automatically issued to all students. However, you must activate your UCInetID to be able to use it. Instructions are provided by UCI’s Office of Information Technology(OIT) at You can activate your ID and register for placement exams beginning in June.

Orientation Programs

All new freshmen must attend summer orientation. UCI offers orientation programs for freshmen during July and August. Participation in summer orientation allows you to take your placement tests, be academically advised and register for classes in a timely and coherent manner. You also learn about the campus, student services, and the academic demands which will be placed on you when you come to UCI in the fall. For more information, contact the Student Life & Leadership Office at (949) 824-3374 or visit the orientation web site.

How Do You Register for Placement Tests?

Test registration is available online for all test dates. You may register through our web site here. Early registration is advised. Your desired test date(s) could fill to capacity soon after registration begins and not be available.

What do I need during test day?

On the morning of the test, you will receive the access code in your UCI email inbox. This code is required on the Canvas test page to access your exam.

Although the exams are administered online, you will still be asked to provide proof of identification using a valid photo ID (e.g. Driver’s license, state license, passport, etc.).

You will also need to have a laptop (Chromebooks are not accepted) or a computer with a working webcam and microphone in a quiet, private area. Mobile phones and other electronic devices are not allowed.

How long do I have to take my test?

All subjects have varying time limits, from 1 hour up to 90 minutes. It is recommended that you set aside a few hours to prepare for the test, and to take the test.

Note: all tests open at 10:00am PT on their scheduled date. However, you may take the test at any time within the 24-hr window. You must complete the exam in one sitting without interruptions.

What if I need to cancel my test registration?

If you know that you will not be able to take the test(s) for which you have already registered, you must email our office at to notify your cancellation.