Khmer Exemption Exam

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The examination used for Khmer (Cambodian) is the Brigham Young University Foreign Language Achievement test consisting of a 144-item multiple-choice test composed of questions in Listening and Reading Comprehension and last 90 minutesThis exam cannot be repeatedThe highest proficiency level attainable at UCI by taking the Khmer (Cambodian) exam is 2A.

If you are an International Studies major, this exemption exam cannot satisfy the 2B level foreign language requirement.


The Khmer Exam is designed for students who have studied the language for three or four years in secondary school or the equivalent. However, native speakers and students with other forms of strong preparation in Khmer are encouraged to take this exam. The best preparation for the exam is the gradual development of competence in Khmer over a period of years. No specific textbook is recommended.

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