Language Exemption Testing Program

The ATC offers language exemption exams for students fluent in languages other than English. Exemption exams can fulfill UCI General Education requirements.

Welcome to the Language Exemption Testing Program!

If you read and speak a language other than English, you have the opportunity to satisfy one of the following General Education requirements:

1. Language Other Than English (Category VI General Education Requirement Policy)- Students must demonstrate competency in a language other than English. Study of a language other than English expands students’ horizons by encouraging understanding of another culture through its language and heightens awareness of one’s own language through the investigation of another linguistic system. Demonstrating competency through the 1C and/or 2A levels of UCI language course work may fulfill the Category VI requirement.

2. International/Global Issues (Category VIII General Education Requirement Policy)- Students must complete one course from Category VIII list. In addition, Category VIII may be satisfied by one quarter’s participation in the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) or one quarter’s participation in an International Opportunities Program (IOP) with an approved IOP Credit Contract. Summer study abroad on an EAP or IOP (with approved IOP Credit Contract) satisfies this requirement when the program is at least five weeks long and the student completes at least one course worth at least four quarter units.

You should take the language exemption exam if you have a strong background in a language other than English. Tests are available in all of the languages listed in the columns on the left. Note: Exams marked with an asterisk (*) serves as both a placement and exemption exam. If you require exemption testing in any of these languages, register for the same exam through our registration portal.

Each exam may be taken only once. No university credit is given. There are no exam fees for currently-enrolled UCI students; however, a deposit may be required for some exams. Test results will not appear on your transcript and notification will be sent to your academic unit during Finals week. 

If you are interested in taking a language exemption test, feel free to inquire whether the language exam you’re looking for is available. We are always available via email at